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Our Goals

To ensure
each individual is treated with dignity and respect in an environment that promotes their happiness and empowers them to make decisions related to all aspects of their lives.

To enable
each individual to have as much autonomy and decision making responsibility as possible.

To provide
safe, clean, and well-maintained environments in which residents, staff, and families can be proud and that include environmental modifications that promote independence and individual choices.

To protect
the general health and well being of residents and staff with comprehensive, high quality health care and therapeutic services.

To maintain
a strong quality assurance program involving all residents, staff, and management personnel through training, continual review, and feedback.

To ensure
financial stability for the facilities by maintaining cost effective operations that promote our mission of independence and happiness

If you have a loved one with a disability and are interested in one of these CFC centers, please call the Placement Coordinator at the Agency for Persons with Disabilities and tell them you are interested in a program operated by Central Florida Communities.

The CFC Mission:

To strive each day for excellence... by supporting and encouraging each individual to achieve the highest level of independence in an environment that promotes independence, choice, dignity, happiness and opportunities to participate in decisions affecting every aspect of their lives.

Our Goals:

every aspect of their lives.

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